Simulation & calculation

Extensive calculations and simulations are part of our engineering and development process. Huygens Engineers also deploys these activities as a third party service to provide design support or to develop application design tools.



Huygens Engineers applies technical, scientific, and process competence, a unique culture, advanced tooling and unrelenting energy to address the requirements of customers in a balanced manner...


Building support

Huygens Engineers provides support in each realization step of projects with sizable or complex deliverables. Huygens Engineers takes responsibility for supply of prototypes and small series when relevant.


Recent news

Huygens Engineers

Our promise is “Useful technical innovations, calculations and realizations”

We develop or improve advanced systems, components and tools for customers and with customers. We do ideation, concept development, test set-ups, detailed engineering, analysis including advanced simulation, validation, design for production, certification and delivery of prototypes according to project requirements.

We expand capacity of R&D departments or we are the external R&D department. Work at Huygens Engineers has a practical focus and stands on a sound theoretical foundation.

Our background is Mechanical and Electrical science. Our experience lies in creation and analysis in the field of mechanical design, aspects of material science & tribology, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, aspects of process engineering, transmission, electromagnetics, drives, control engineering, electrical design and scientific software.

Apart from the unexpected requests, we work on cutting edge systems and components in high-tech, renewable energy, ship propulsion and internal transport systems ranging from very small to very large.

Please contact us via phone number: +3185 080 2800 or via this e-mail address: sales@huygens-engineers.nl

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