Simulation & calculation

Extensive calculations and simulations are part of our engineering and development process. Huygens Engineers also deploys these activities as a third party service to provide design support or to develop application design tools.



Huygens Engineers applies technical, scientific, and process competence, a unique culture, advanced tooling and unrelenting energy to address the requirements of customers in a balanced manner...


Building support

Huygens Engineers provides support in each realization step of projects with sizable or complex deliverables. Huygens Engineers takes responsibility for supply of prototypes and small series when relevant.


Recent news

Huygens Engineers, innovative mechanical engineering firm

Huygens Engineers solves Mechanical Engineering problems, designs and validates innovative components and systems for clients and with clients.

Our core-expertise is advanced mechanical engineering where smart solutions and/or advanced calculations play a role.

Huygens Engineers unburdens R&D departments or is the R&D department,  provide mechanical expertise, Huygens Engineers has proven capabilities in actuation and control, and understands the physics involved.

Most importantly, Huygens Engineers wants to produce results. The commitment does not stop at the proverbial drawing board, but includes a deep interest in its actual realization.

Please feel free to contact us and see if Huygens Engineers could mean something for you.

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