Design, development and engineering at Huygens Engineers


Design, development and engineering approximately represent half of the work-volume at Huygens Engineers. This includes standardization work.

We engineer for customers with a precise idea of their needs and when no substantial uncertainties remain as to the suitability of the considered techniques and components. The detailed design and all expected calculations within a project are done according to required standards. We deliver high-quality and complete machine prints and the needed engineering reports. For controls we deliver a detailed and well founded functional specification and, if it fits the project, a technical specification and a design for the electrical enclosure.

We standardize and automate mature designs through parametric configuration. Input of a few characteristics then results in automatic generation of machine-prints and utilization of standardized parts.

We design industrial objects with a challenging combination of functions for customers with a clear goal or vision. For equipment manufacturers we also take on projects where creativity and aspects of style are required. The utilized approach is to alternate between analytical-systematic methods and intuitive methods and to involve engineers with a background in industrial design.

We develop components, products, devices and machines for customers with a more complex or more open project. Steps to de-risk the project or to map costs are necessary when uncertainties remain about feasibility, about behavior during certain processes, or when final specifications must be defined through insight. This is often the case for new components designed at the limit of what is achievable. This also often occurs for measuring instruments based on new principles and for machines based on new operating principles. Development is one of the important activities at Huygens Engineers. We do not stop at theory and computer-work, and often deliver prototypes and validation/measurement programs as well.

We tend to work with the following CAD/CAE packages:

  • Creo Elements direct voor efficient concept design and one-offs
  • SolidWorks of Siemens NX for parametric design projects and standardization projects within production surroundings

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