Component development

When a new component must fulfill defined objectives, or on the contrary when the functional specification still lacks clarity, when the technical specification is yet incomplete and novelty plays a role, Huygens Engineers has the skills and process capability to deliver a component-development project with stepwise control over time and budget. Component/product development is one of the most important activities at Huygens Engineers.

You may need an astute solution to integrate a large number of functions in an environment with many constraints. Creativity, synthesis and design are the key ingredients for a solution that adds value.

Alternatively, you may need to find a reliable and cost-effective solution for a component which is either new for the team involved, or where a significant change is applied in size, power, operating environment, or utilized technology. Careful in-depth analysis and various simulations are then key ingredients.

In either case, we would like you to consider us for your component-development challenge. As an extension of the component development process, Huygens Engineers is equipped to deal with either securing or avoiding IP rights on behalf of its customers.


One or more of the following characteristics will move a project from application development or component-engineering to component development:

  • New component or function for the team involved
  • Complex combination of functions or interfaces
  • Need for detailed understanding of the physics and phenomena involved
  • New environment for the component (temperature, water, chemical products, pressure, UV, etc)
  • Poorly known behavior of materials or elements
  • Significant resizing
  • Ergonomics involved

For Huygens Engineers, in component development, the key word is understanding. Our added value is to be able to map and combine efficiently the knowledge and experience available at the customer, the knowledge available internally, the knowledge available at our partners, and if required the knowledge available at user level.

This knowledge further develops practically at each step in the primary component/product development process, resulting ultimately in a final technical specification, a detailed design and a first prototype. This cyclical process contains the following main steps:

  1. Functional spec + initial technical spec
  2. Multiple scenarios for concept design
  3. Bottleneck analysis, risk analysis, cost analysis, feed-back
  4. Seek relevant expertise with suppliers and experts
  5. If necessary engineer and execute tests on isolated or aggregated functions
  6. Integrate acquired knowledge in a new version (n+1) of concept design and technical specification
  7. Evaluate redo necessity: if yes go to 3; if no go to 8
  8. Freeze concept
  9. Support for IP rights
  10. Engineering phase
  11. Prototype
  12. Testing and fine-tuning program
  13. (Beta prototype or preproduction series)

Meanwhile, project planning and budget control runs in parallel with the above.

  • Reverse engineering of a cycloidal gearbox for high torque density and reliability (banner picture)
  • High power oil-free conveyor drive system
  • Design of a span-wise stiff propulsive foil with specified chord-wise bending under load (gallery pictures)
  • Design of a Scotch-yoke for high-load application (gallery picture)
  • Design of a second-generation tidal turbine
  • Design of a pretensioned knife clamp and positioning system used in an advanced cutting machine

Component-development represents one of the major activities at Huygens Engineers. We have experience, we remain practical, we have the analytical and creative skills, and we will actively team-up with the right experts and knowledge institutes to find the best solution for your development. We understand the crucial importance of building cost. We like the challenge of integrating complex functions. We have the expertise to integrate mechanical design with (advanced) control, sensors, actuation, thermal design, sealing, aspects of fluid-dynamic design. We are used to working in multidisciplinary teams of customers and partners. We are very productive. Development is part of our DNA.

Thanking you for your interest, we welcome you to ask us any question, and invite you to consider whether we could mean something for you.

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