Value proposition

Building further on technical and process experience so far, Huygens Engineers aims at offering customers uniquely rewarding co-development experiences. We aim to develop and engineer in a highly efficient manner through a productive mix of fundamental analysis, technology assessment, technical architecture generation, practical engineering productivity, design to cost, and true interest in practical realization.

Our hierarchy of values:
 • Reliable
    • Practical
       • Science-based
          • Cost-conscious
             • Conservative
                • Creative
                   • Process conscious

We provide mechanical expertise, we have proven capabilities in actuation and control, and we understand the physics involved. We extend your R&D department or we are your R&D. We add our development process expertise and engineering process expertise to your project. Most importantly, we want to produce results. Our commitment does not stop at the proverbial drawing board, but includes a deep interest in its actual realization.

Thanking you for your interest, we welcome you to ask us any question, we gladly anwer them and invite you to consider whether we could mean something for you.

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