Designers at Huygens Engineers have, on average, more than 15 years’ experience in development and engineering. We operate in various industries including food processing, marine propulsion and offshore / renewables. Sizes of our projects vary a lot, but we have no preference for large or small projects. 
We have experience in the following industries and applications:

Advanced and fine-mechanics

Design and validation of a high precision 1/12th scale propulsor/measuring-instrument to test flapping propulsion for container-carriers at the MARIN research institute

Set-up to measure thermal wall-impedance in various interfaces during compression

Redesign of a wireless transponder to resist cyclical thermal shocks

Design of a precisely unidirectional force transponder for mass production

Design of a wireless intermittent pressure sensor for mass production


Components for volume-production

Development of 3 product-families for hygienic conveyors with direct food-contact

Redesign of a challenging and compact mechanism for costprice, wear and noise

Design of a small motorized roller (steel gears) competitive in the Chinese market

Motorized pulleys for volume production

Contactless-driven multi-roller system for active transit between large belting systems (asynchronous magnetic drive) for packages that must conserve orientation

Development of a cyclo-drive reduction box

Engineering of a pneumatic scissor lift for light-weight motorcycle



Simulation, verification and improvement of flow and cooling in spiral coolers

Design of a mobile industrial demonstrator for a steamer/blancher/rehydrator that implements a patented process on a given set food-items

Design of a conveyor product-family with a number of advanced heads for fiber-free PU belts in hygienic food applications

Writing a solver to determine mass, length and position of a PU belt in free sections of a conveyor

Design of various processing functions for leafy vegetables

New compact heavy-duty oil-free drum motor for conveyor applications

Thermal design-validation tool for application of drum motor in conveyor systems

Identification and mapping of energy-efficient dehydration approaches at ambient-temperature

Feasibility of high-efficiency desalination based on phase-change

Sealing line for fruit and vegetable


Production machines

Automatic machine to buffer and cut at high speed and high precision several hundred geometries of thick-walled injection-molded parts. Validation. Prototyping

Developing a method and proof of technology for automatic void-filling to seal cut-surfaces of thick-walled injection-molding parts

Design of a slurry-processing unit for production of building materials

Design of a mobile industrial demonstrator for a steamer/blancher/re-hydrator that implements a patented process on a given set food-items

Developing a method and proof of technology to separate bitumen from MFT in oil-sands

Developing a low-energy method and industrial approach to dewater large streams of MFT (1 m3/sec)

Design of gantry-crane and positioning system for bricks

Strength calculations on conical mixers in the pharmaceutical industry

Design of a molding system for composites with liquid epoxy-foam core material and high-gloss finish on both sides

Web-handling lines (especially in the textile sector)

Design of an internal lifting vehicle for large electric cabinets


Ship propulsion

Displacement and fatigue analysis and subsequent improvement of an existing 400 kW retractable thruster for super-yachts

Thermal analysis and subsequent improvement of an existing 400 kW retractable thruster for super-yachts

Stage-gated technology development of flapping propulsors for container-carriers in collaboration with industry-leaders (Maersk, Wärtsilä, Marin)

Design of an advanced mechatronic test and measurement unit for flapping propulsors

Design of a systematic measurement program, performing measurements and publication of results  

Development of fin-construction methods with chord-wise flexibility

Development of an efficient hydrostatic seal with simultaneous rotation and translation

Design of a DC bus architecture that can resist initial short-circuit in diesel-electric installations


Offshore & energy conversion

Design of a test and measurement-frame for tidal-turbines placed in a sluice in Den-Oever, NL

Detailed design and optimization for fatigue with loads variable both in direction and intensity for various tidal turbines up to 500 kW (200kN thrust)

Design-support activities for wind-turbines

Design of a frame for sea-trials of tidal-turbines with a ship

Design of a mobile and foldable maintenance and (lifting)handling frame for 15 T tidal turbines at the Oosterschelde dam

Mechanical design and test of a 2MW linear generator utilizing wave-energy


Thank you for your interest, we welcome you to ask us any question.

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